badezimmer ideen auf kleinem raum

badezimmer ideen auf kleinem raum

37 bathroom upgrade ideas bathroom humor isn’t limited to jokes about, well, you know. some home bathroom dã©cor is just really stinky. if you’re looking to redo a home bathroom or just dress that old bathroom up a bit, here are some easy diy tips that don’t cost a fortune to do. we’ve seen it all; from 70s pink and blue

bathroom tile to truly outdated seashell sinks. wherever you’re at on the spectrum, here are some cool and easy tips to make it better. number 1. hang a second shower curtain. this one might seem like it’s a little too easy, but it’s true: a great way to make you tub look luxurious is to add a second shower curtain.

the purpose is to part the curtains in the middle, creating an “open” look to your tub. pick some heavy duty curtains that don’t wrinkle or mold. 2. fancy wine cork bath mat. you’ve saved those wine corks like they were going out of style. good news— they’re not!

this is a fun and easy diy project that both utilizes those wine corks you’ve saved for years, and at the same time adds a cool look to your bathroom. just hot glue the corks to a heavy duty shelf liner to make a fancy bath mat. if you find yourself in need of more corks, your local craft store beats a hangover any day. 3.

get creative using deck tiles. maybe you thought deck tiles could only be used on the deck. check out this cool tutorial on how to use them to line the floor of your walk-in shower, or to make a modern-looking bath mat. they are relatively inexpensive, and can be used for a multitude of things. plus it adds a modern look to your bathroom.

4. learn how to paint your sink. if you’re stuck with a boring beige sink and want to upgrade, check out this handy guide for learning how to paint your sink. you’ll need some basic materials such as sink cleaner, brushes, steel wool, and epoxy specifically for sinks. next, choose your color—the sky’s the limit!

then get busy in this diy project. 5. gel-stain your vanity. it can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to begin ripping out and replacing pricy bathroom vanities—and it means extensive work. if you’re not happy with your vanity, you can follow this guide and learn how to use

gel stain for a completely different look. you can go glossy black or matte brown. be sure to check out the details about gel stain before getting started! 6. use a suction cup shower caddy for a planter. this is a fun and simple diy project that uses a cheap plastic suction cup shower caddy to make a planter with.

having a plant in your shower may seem weird, but it adds a sophisticated touch (and something colorful) to your bathroom. the great thing is that you can move it anywhere you want (and it will be handy to water). 7. paint your shower fixtures. if you’re like everyone else and you get tired of trying to polish that annoying tarnished

silver fixture in the tub, why not paint it? this is super easy as long as you make sure to use the right kind of paint, and cover everything that shouldn’t receive paint. it’s an instant upgrade for your bathroom. 8. use metallic paint on your handles and knobs. let’s face it—real quality metal would be ideal, but before spending too much at

the hardware store, think about using metallic paint to paint your door knobs and handles in the bathroom. metallic paint gives not just a flat color, but also a reflective texture that adds a clean touch to your dirtiest room. 9. use scrapbook paper on your switches. maybe it seems like cheating, but that’s

why we call it a life hack. this fun and easy diy project requires you to first choose your favorite scrapbook paper—it comes in all colors and textures, so choose wisely! you’ll also need some mod podge glue as adhesive and an exacto knife for trimming. this is a really easy way to add some class to your drab bathroom. 10.

frame your mirror with baseboards. it might seem a little too heavy duty (fitting, right?), but this project is worth what you’ll have in the end. it does require a rather large mirror to look good, but this project is much easier than what it sounds like. you’ll use liquid nails to bring everything together—just enough do-it-yourself, but

not too much wish-you-had-help. 11. make a cool bath mat shape. here’s we’ve made a pineapple, but it could be anything shape and color you want. just find a few bath mat colors you like, flip them over and begin figuring out your design. it’s really simple—you’ll just use scissors to cut the shapes out of the original mat,

and glue them together into the fun shape you want to achieve. people will ask where you found a pineapple bath mat! 12. wallpaper your medicine cabinet. nobody loves dealing with wallpaper, which is why we recommend using peel-and-stick wallpaper. it’s easier and more manageable

when decorating smaller areas. the fun thing about wallpaper is that you have hundreds (seriously—hundreds) of options to choose from. since you’ll be cutting them to size, be sure to measure everything out first. this will add a pop of color and texture to the inside of your cabinet. 13.

cool diy shelves for the bathroom. if you can find some shallow crates (6 inches deep or less), these make great shelves for the bathroom wall. depending on the color you paint them, it can go with a beach theme or a more rustic chic look. using some hanging strips, arrange the crates on the wall in a crafty pattern of your choice

and voila! shelves! 14. wooden storage crate on wheels. if you could only find deeper crates for the shelves, feel free to use them and make a cool bathroom storage crate on wheels. these can be as deep as 12 inches, and will fit together nicely.

you can paint them all different colors, or one solid color to fit your bathroom color scheme. with a little work and this handy tutorial, you can store anything here—towels, candles, and other dã©cor too! 15. diy toothbrush holder. this one’s so simple it will feel like cheating.

if you’re tired of those boring toothbrush holders that look like mini trash cans on your sink, just save up a few large plastic bottle caps. you can easily cut out small divets where the brush will hang from. give them a cool metallic paint job so that they no longer resemble plastic caps, and fasten them to the wall with a simple roll of velcro!

16. make a fancy storage cabinet. one of the biggest problems with bathrooms is storage. everyone needs more of it. with towels, products, and medicines, the hanging cabinet just doesn’t cut it. in this guide, you can see a cool sleek and attractive cabinet with a slide-out door.

the sides of each shelf are bound with plastic on the sides for a modern look. 17. reorganize your bathroom. we’ve all been there—digging through cabinets and drawers to find the foot cream you’re sure you bought last week. don’t let your bathroom frazzle you—take an hour on the weekend to reorganize your

bathroom so that you don’t have to stress each time you open the drawer. here are some great ways to keep things straight in your bathroom! 18. diy bathroom standing shelf. this guide will take you through all the steps to make a new standing shelf that looks sophisticated in your throne room!

with an almost-a shape, this shelf lines up again the wall with a ladder-like front side to hold all your bathroom necessities. it will take a little assembling, so stick to the directions in the guide. 19. mirror storage case. everyone can use a little more organization in life. this diy project keeps you on your toes to

build a mirror storage case so that you can keep your things in order. if you’re looking for the perfect large shelf to fill up a blank wall, this is for you. the great thing is you can put a mirror on the outside to make your bathroom look bigger! follow the tutorial for help in building it. 20. make some towel frames.

first, figure out how many towel bars you want, and what kind of frames you want to use to make them with. after painting the frames the color you want, follow this guide for a how-to approach on assembling and mounting this cool towel rack. 21. 14 ways to hang your towel every bathroom needs a cool touch to liven

things up, and a cool towel rack is the perfect fix. ideas for towel racks are usually quick and easy, taking only a quick trip to the craft or hardware store. explore ideas that fit your bathroom dã©cor scheme in this list of cool towel rack ideas. from frames to ladders, you’ll find something you like and want to make a small project of. add a little of your personality to your bathroom.

whether you’re looking for a large wall-filling project, like mounting an old vintage step stool to your wall for a towel rack, or you just want to keep it simple by cutting up some pvc pipe to paint and mount, you’re sure to find the thing that fits your personality. you can even turn an old coat hanger into a cool towel rack by mounting it upside down on the wall.

whatever your preference or bathroom theme, give your bathroom a touch of flair. more ideas number 22 to 37: bathroom rebuilding or makeover, whatever you have in your mind you'll need these valuable ideas. you will not want to do all of these at once, but if you pick one or two of them, you might be surprised at how much your life improves.

or just feel proud that you did something productive. next video contain same content i published long time ago title 16 life hacks for your tiny bathroom by natalie brown. i have strong feeling most of you just hate that inhuman voice flying over the video and ruin your earlobes. add a frame to your basic mirror.

a happy bathroom combines design and functionality. framing your mirror quickly updates the feel of your itty-bitty bathroom. use molding and paint it whatever color you like best, or use basic trim if you're not into the traditional look. find detail instructions in description area. hang spice racks to organize your hair products and lotions.

two bekvam spice racks fit all of that stuff you use every day. or think you'll use every day. add a coat of paint or stain if you want to color-coordinate them with the rest of your bathroom. you could also hang them on the inside of your cabinets so they're out of sight. use coat hooks instead of a towel rod for shared bathrooms.

some of us aren't lucky enough to live without roommates, so when the germophobe in your life insists on their own hand towel, hang up coat hooks to keep things organized. if you want to use this idea, check link under this video. this isn't a tutorial, per se, just photos of a diy. but you can find a crown molding shelf and a row of coat hooks ideas there.

use small storage solutions to make it easier to find your stuff. when you only have one cabinet, you have to maximize that tiny space. these stickonpods hold tiny things like nail polish. lazy susans let you reach the stuff in the back of your cabinet. as easily as you can reach the stuff in the front. speaking of small things, keep your

bobby pins in check with magnets. this bathroom hack's been all over the internet, but it's so useful we couldn't pass it up. hang two shower rods. because those shower head racks never work as well as you think they should. this comes from the brilliance of reddit. use shower curtain hooks to secure baskets like this one to the rod.

make sure they have holes in them of some sort, so the water can drain. put a book shelf above your door for extra storage. you probably won't want to store your most-used items up here, but you could put extra towels, cleaning supplies (elegantly tucked into a pretty bin), or old magazines up there. create a focal point, ..

like your shower curtain, to draw visual attention to a single place. keep everything else in your bathroom simple, and make your shower the most attractive thing in there. for example, hang two curtains instead of one, and use a basic color scheme, like here. (pro tip: don't put a table in front of your door, like in this picture).

use a stacked plate rack to make extra counter storage space. when you run out of horizontal counter space, go vertical instead. this example's very decorative, but you can also make it more functional by storing your toothbrush, toothpaste, or ponytail holders. make a magnet board to organize your makeup. you could hang this on the back of your door

or the inside of one of your cabinets, or on any bit of blank wall that isn't serving any other purpose. this one actually comes with a tutorial, please scroll down and check description area. hang up mason jars to store little things,.. like cotton balls and makeup sponges. this would also require a blank bit of wall, but it's a pretty awesome diy.

choose a larger mirror to reflect more space. it's a simple visual trick that increases the amount of light in the bathroom. (super important when you're doing makeup). roll your towels, don't fold them. it's an old packing trick: rolling clothes helps you fit more of them in the suitcase. same thing goes with towels. when you roll them instead of folding them,

you can fit more of them in the same amount of space. it'll also make your bathroom feel more like a spa. install pull-out drawers in your cabinets. you usually find them for kitchen cabinets, but they work just as well in the bathroom. it's the same concept as the lazy susan, letting you access the depths of your cabinet without having to dig past old bottles.

install multiple towel rods on the back of your door. why just hang one when you can hang three? you could also opt for an over the door towel rack. a down-and-dirty diy shower rack hack. tired of buying corner shower stands that are bound to rust in no time? the metal screws used by these stands offer no way to prevent rusting in your shower!

here's a hack that will show you how to build your own out of pvc piping. best of all, it is cost-effective, durable, and won't rust! this is a do-it-yourself shower rack that will give you more space to place soap bars, shampoo, and scrubbing sponges! done! before you leave,

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