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them on in the living room or us they caught your ear mops painstakinglyi gotta get out of the office and i got him to get your proxy my proxy brought for the meeting tonightfor johnny boy social class withholding the election of officers andi knew you wouldn't be able to attend so i thought i don't wait a minute whatmakes you think that will be able to attend well as a matter of fact

no i don't think i can deland do you know what's so funny intelligently say that you that you areinterested in clothes that so i've come up i wanted to only i want to they do might interest you know you will go to the daddy's going home in a day or soand being a gentleman thank you time to politely rule over the lastnight in revision thank you

you will pay right never mind the wittyrepartee that he'd been quite enough to meet her or any kind of a friend you know we havea little other and if you would any kind of thing you wouldn't well you know about it as much as i get to i take it i have your faxes and devotedi see that the night you certainly have loved having you know you'll you'll bothbe urself i have no personal ambitions candidate elected actual specter servedas the best of my ability list who

started that club but surely you're notthinking of yourself for president more than a month remain will get even attend meeting is aman who was so tired that whole who's tied down i tell you here steady yes betty you and alright lack the will to and dissuade you need a print nut

all over scheming old-growth historical but you want to run it george if i could get down there tonightwhy don't you just go on to my ex-wife who lied and having a low for the last nine years homo idea that would be very nice if there's anything i hate it's a steamer

he renounced there i remember when i told you remarks about relief and for goodness sake be polite which wethink she's got a standing start work on you all over again don't worry into my euphemism yelling you know you know the come on in march and april on and then did you have a good night'ssleep and

leon i don't think you have an accident all right frontline helen and broke the window and heactually it five-year the valley why not

want to know handbag don't judge them already got mybread community rating you and i hope it was satisfactory mineral intensity the egg with a little harder than i likethem but then things can't be pretty no reason why not many athabasca all construct more quicker hai i'd only approving if there is a greatday that would be great if i like thepentagon self-inflicted martin attempted

to put on t_n_t_ the moon d yet i'm afraid i'm julie life i've got to be getting whole our lunch paper is wrong hahaha the the the and when i really ought to be doingincumbent i didn't really meditation moderate three winner of most peoplehave read it cannot we

lord called world do why don't you i love you and your sisterand eddie and i have a few things to talk about money right what do you like last time pet you certainly don't want it to thosechildren having i hope it man o'bannon might not mind i think we're going on here on moneylineover whatsoever it's about the children

i have you ever considered what wouldhappen to them you can't beat them pam on passed on do mommy amavilla dot do netbanking denied youwouldn't think that you know we wouldn't need volunteers in game the moment little remember exactly that is all of the thing that ever to what somecall it that you know the legal papers

i'm not that you don't be very clearabout it it may concern movement maybe you'd like to talk to janet whocare about the where it no bigger than mine youre-ticket you know i think you've got a very good point their daddy that judges are regular bear camel atlegal stuff anyone how do of colorado when i get lola judge in love that what you wouldhave i'll ask him to come over this eveningand he wrote

miami has been done in the region youthink he he he well you'll be crazy not to do at theweather people an agreement rials user the nineties scheme the judge will go there well put him on please this was usually judges stevens off hello jack

tonight i wonder if you could come over to myhouse this evening a matter of business you'd have to do these days this forest who would like to discuss now wait a minute i don't care whatsocial engagement to have this is business judges mighty importanteither you or the executive is a state of the or not when you're over your understand economy other judge says he'd bedelighted

yes uh... if there's anything i need excuse you you did has labeled it with us again does appearseconds the elected goes to the world on thehard-working grownups to reported but no receipt will be strenuous days so i'll provide some of the bible energyor family needs sarc delicious nourishing park a marginof every meal include parking margarine and lunch boxset which is true because this spread

the taste so good is also one ofamerica's best energy flows what's more parquet provide your familywith some about important vitamin a they need every day for good nutrition perhaps you see for applies every singleproblem park able to guarantee nine thousand units of vitamin e_ souls are mark a law firm for its grandflavor goodness but also for the sport of nourishment provides when you were a march would insist onarcade b_i_r_r_ k_a_d_y_ market margarine thecrap qualities spread for bread

market on don knowledge about the regulars we've got craftspeople visible avoid o'clock inthe evening in responding lives have been called on the stand on this votefor about them and what looks like a good word usually you don't mind my growing upvirginia not at all dot martin admirably needed and wanted something how do youhave more into an important meeting up

that very important it's with the chief of police mistergates and his two months and and well it's a little group of professionalman uh... at read your political heroes we wouldn't want an editor at the notionthat you know that's a good week just watch well any you'll be alone that that willbe arriving in a few minutes and you'd be crazy about the allies to be not onlyyears well i'll be going

in case i will get back before you're inbed good night penalized via layer at a time so that one more day if you could finish up your legalbusiness before i get back judge cooker just loves critique to bearon the you tied up pad coral canada and you know if he did nothave a good time to the policeman and rian

pair there that operation is a good every week onthe radio there will be returning annual prisoners all wherever review overdue architecture mind uh... butbusiness people really relaxed a little and read rely understand we're going to have anelection of officers of look as if they continue to we should be something about it i think the overnight wants to be thepresident

i think you make of what a goodpresident given proper orbit a new kitten this but wouldn't have no dignity of patbuchanan with the president fearlessly speaking remembered i think that we thought it was a can weare not commissioner with him that three-and-a-half well good evening valley drawing celebrity illness leaves in a bag levitatedvisionary legitimate but it's just a

lackey locked up for the night what do you need and arranged by i simply amounts i was going to ameeting for it and also the glove clear total here anolympic gold you mind if i don't know meeting tonightand i think that the and well i'm here anyway fellows energeticback to the support of your sleeve i don't know what you should have been amember of the andrew georgia whose heart set on this electionpersonally along with the president money when we should have a secretarydrew get affected very direct letter all

we want to play a little poker just thesame i'd say a brokered be a good president family to my office to the promises reason i mention it you've found we should it make me sick guy that olddouble cross country makes a man loses faith in human nature always sure bookreview with you right economic aid to it that creative dismissed the election

india which is just in time for a toast to thevictorious candidate uh... yet that fact everybody have a quick women will playsome poker problem upward anna the mcmahon will that we've got a problem peacefully it's called

in china has taken out on a leash and ifeel judgment the finest dog catcher this gloveeverywhere uh... mentioning on the a but i tell you gents it is almost ten o'clock an older

that mail that old battle axe up aneighth at the big guys beat it you don't mind floyd my sister was not abattle axe northants commissioner she's a woman of character that's what i said and every inch a lady is that right people absolutely peavey no sir

is one of the best customers businessgpc you've been a very good customer on new york shanty town well i will stop soon she's leaving saysave our lives as has the latest tropical activity ali boy how about someor area however outlook on a daily rate chancellor trial starts twelve certainlygentleman if i may have i'd like to propose another harmony andnot broken which many would you be me brand appropriately dot picked up anyattention and previous alright what your proposal bb

rounds on some nice brain pictures and alot of fun and nobody gets hurt brain circulars remain brain pictures and give you an example and he did and power comes home every day on thetrain train gets in at five o'clock in everyday sharper image to change theguarantee from you must have money images home in a deadly again i'll talkagain

governor of jimmy frankly yes floyd stop interrupting hit a magic financial forgets in romantic everydayright when they live violates the station citizen the fashionable neighborhoodgoing stop interrupting that stop interruptingour go-ahead levy one dated friday january train he getsin at four o'clock instead of five so he decided to start talking home daydo you think this will ever replace

poker commissioner policy let's give them a chance the so much more this beauty yeah let's all start walking inaccurate minealong comes a show for it on its way to make the kind of back pain selling kitchen mountain guide him homein you get your own gifted regular time that question is how long did that comealong in anything

what well alleged white they get out while i haveanother copy writer they want to anybody have a job what sale of software partbecause light has gone confident you're going to complimented me though that well ididn't really get all the details peavey where everybody kept interrupting you'regoing to get it through this car comes home on the train everyday they they have a call to quit worrying about the rich commuter andy's train gets in at five o'clock upthen the shop retractable unitarian

ratio for getting home at six o'clockput on this one particular days due to be just a moment bt lawyer to bring in adecade cards tonight jessica i'm writing a pocket five side peavey eventual retract the stationary gate sixo'clock you know we get home with six o'clock hello i've got a dive build intocamp you know the answer i haven't finished eating the problem emanuel at that time but one day unitedfor early after just a moment be viewed online safe but on that day he startswalking home in it

kishore perspective the usual time limiteating habits may have another cold again now p shelter mitch them and then dad camehome run but the fact that it might be a well peavey what about the brain pickingon the order that you can pick out your own brain bigot it because correct that uh... the exploited

idealize ashamed for all the criticismis always fun the club doesn't seem the same withoutit the right direction buttons where president having all thisfun with your mother i think we are thick at both to thejudge is empty chair niche fire from amplified mistergingrich babysitting well let's have a toast anyway collapsing friend drew weston grand but all over again

got out of the biggest all outdoors and get that cold below it how can you speak that wayabout beer epson brit slipped out commissioner i could have a quick time out as soon asi said well i'm glad to hear that are you a little bit of my admiration ofdoug wilder as a gentleman as a scholar as a poker player these things arepretty prepared long-term growth things

like a nightingale patrol get mad at you ambato song as a tribute to the judgeacrobat we can do is already hurt bull promised mir about walking verywell uh... like anyone with him on here there are about the banks of the whilethere he always love that uh... wabash citiesgauntlet i did get caught right here we go overblown life a retired along our uh...her

three com arguing well the are gold it or banks are are all over man this was a beautiful weather i'm alive overjoyed it as a very good to get awayfrom home once a while you know that the v_ managing and that game death

you want to get out operators l_p_d_ youknow it you wanna be like me unit she ought to look at yourself bb you go home every night what do you do you read the paper you listen to theradio while then you go to bed during the riots pretty nice run

pretty boy in that such workers car bruno certainlythere i've noticed bender anywhere you must be having connally groupdiscussion interview discussion of it if i don't have any she looked into it could be to get him judge will never forgive me the reciptand her family going on tonight indicated that the

thanks for your company right here yesterday he still in there dvds being at one today intellect well i had no idea i tried to steal yourheart had the right pleading guilty incorrect not mine

and get back what happened accepted intel's army any and that he lied ekobit below the trouble trouble while i do it well so much for your sleeve would you be little mind i'd like totalk women about something more important

you know there's a lot of money aroundthese days there's not much to spend it on so it's a temptation to throw away onstuff we don't really want all i want to say is was a man coming around your housepretty soon with a better proposition most of us have someone pretty close tous in the war by now the money we blow today without blinkingsavings right come on if we stop to think look at the men in uniform you see onthe street these days

women who are fighting this war force their kids most of them have never even been away from home there a long way from home now they need more than just weapons andtraining and food they need a little comfort mom and when it's possible they need assurances everything's beentaken care of back home they need to resend unrest from thestrain of battle

we need care when their wounded bloodwhen they get in there all these things the red cross to givethem but it can give these things only if wegive to the red cross so when we're called upon and won't be long now let's be ready up with an alibi but with every cent we can scrape up dromi anyplace where you can get more of your money

you know everybody configurable did wolverine the national broadcasting companyinterrupt on a program to bring you a special broadcast from wall or a personal report on the war in thepacific by navy secretary james barth on what the the the battle porn shore thepeople we've taken out of a moment headquarters at bom he chinese figures

depending standard against a backgroundblue about that and so that it is that i think that the better known as net sponsor either though alikeeliza we use that word we use around here but we don't use so that's rightbut uh... and biting my dear i'll your life you have some elsewhere

actors rapidly bathroom program yeah we're talking about sleep follicular hyper program now as iweighed only write pass any i got to see my girlfriend is that uh... that i want to be done it maybe well that is all a very what somebody's leveled by now he happened on the ground the

level into the address of a good abated dana haha adam bryant is that a great by thei_r_s_ enjoyed doing uh... tests and hospitals all that sortof thing we call the benefits in show businessbecause something always happens it that causes a stir had a lot of fun andquite recently i had to have though uh... fort stockton through uh...through an appearance although share of syria

psychopathic one drug at a time brother but that that that that uh... anyway ihad to go downtown into stockton honestok little town on about noon on doing little benefit atthe deaf and dumb on there and uh... we arrive a little latesomething had gone wrong with our transportation so uh... today that theother payment black was already over the rolling advance downstairs and so wewanted to show them of course that way sorry in the clear a democratic but thething and so we we decided on a dance

with them he got down there in there are some verycute little girls there do you know side i've picked up one of the inmatesin effect on the shoulder and in sign language i said you know youthe you did that back so reset around waiting for a minute for start like the music to be given allthat sort of thing and finally just worry about residency guy came outand said hey mabel how about the next

it's she said i'm sorry i got over thisdummy here what wha what how it all powers are we going on just about over uh... we're about ready to go on it this is a little nerve-wracking animalthat would probably have to do show fastertoday they didn't have it if everything together

that's all black coffee now so we are at with cats are weighted not like have contest have techno snails together usedto get at slide apologized not getting it the cut the fat well at over the celtics yet we don't sound files died

e seven sheriff stock craft results the great jealously gravitas almanac has acquired a marginof the complete line of famous multiple products presents arab areas the greatbuilders lee craft bring to the regulars labor day weekend aspirant madonnawakeman sam moore with music michael obsolete well eric with regular sleeve in just amoment former expo arcade that's the usualquestion from guests on their first

taste this delicious bread for bread and when the gracious hostess requireswhy craft makes parquet you'll find a guest nodding his head as much to saymoriah thoughts or taste so good yesterday in craft stands for the kindof quality you expect in fine food products and parquet margarine has aquality food product through and through park a has a fresh delicate flavor thatreally satisfies itzel economical by it's easy to spread park is so wonderful in the racing tocontains valuable oils rich in food allergy value

and park is fortified by craft so that everytime contains nine thousandunits of vitamin a is so afraid your family and your guests topark a_p_a_ archaic a lie parquet much on the craft quality spread yes craft makes park avenue now how does it with a great deal tosleep coco they old boy is fit to be tied is a long story maybe we'd bettergo back a couple days to washington's birthday in honor of the father of thiscountry illness lee permitted himself the luxury of sleeping a little latethat day and breakfast in his bathroom

than having leads to the paper andissued everyone their instructions for the day he one of the bathrooms shavebut uh... do you think you could get and no no and had a forester was in theregiving herself a shampoo with the remarkable systems of marchers okay you can imagine what went on tobuild a sleek con followed leroy the woman's within an hour you hear me i succeeded in there are cardiac will answer that and or or or less the police questions

arcane and don't be sitting on a banister okayokay what he wanted to return it my neck your neck as though the broken i'llbreak it content gods dollar-and-a-half no how much longer in there few minutes even in there for two hours

idea book listed on stage leroy okay how did youcome out leroy act all the people opposebanisters almost wagnerian rewrite that would've made up of there but he got a pretty this part is that we have to dollop of me pretty secunderabad norhair i think there wasn't going to do with it yes the president will get with themarlboro man she loves them and then

jeez that's in a i don't know what isaid well what i have been told you certainly giving itself the wordsonline along well ninety th and no writting made up in t-ball while may not post amethyst until number hedon't get excited this force they will be staying muchlonger thereby do you think i think that ifthey think that he still unit nobody lapping at your feet afternoon she

did you mean means that they haven't you look pretty be patient with you beginner out if we have to blast we gotta be polite about it so it'lltake a little time local got that much time not to do it recovery

the are things coming in their mindreply uh... pretty quick yes that stevie can agree things of thatone stick with it we she's too the with that was guilty if uh... the within our city that over there you updated

no leroy what is it all knows tuzla ceo i rub first if you were too sick to goto school yesterday you're much too sick to go out today yes that's what's up with a good chancestaying indoors realize wasn't until study lessons of vietnam the elston here they are jump off the stunning that wouldn't do any harm below it but do you think george washington withdot

you've all he ever want to do was gooutdoors i don't how delighted i guess you cut how do you think washington got to bepresident he spent long hours every studying isbooks by the light of the fire working up problems with charcoal on theshuttle washington already gotten president tome they were would bother me anymore leroy elena readthe newspaper yes

just one question well what is not costs how did you ask that the best in throughthe whole thing conflates find something to do with your a i still think having a lot to help motherland mister you do with you regret i don't want

typewriter i was a very careful about my boy remember it's not minor belongs to thewater park working class black it's dead don't disturb anything in my study well my dear well tell me that is fine what's happened to your address meinkampf lashing out

but a lot of time so you think she wasgetting on my own the data for three hours things he had that much they're but idon't think she's got out and i think i always curlers handy is that something new is nothing that'snot all she asked me if i thought it would lookto young as you are reading it she says it's judge focused a greatcolor you we would see you mean the jets alone mellow that uh... not close tothirty

with a not all those roads through this state that if that is the place algorithms uh... disfavored group isn't so rallyartists it no without though i have some work to doanyway where your children intensity read demand due to it

clear away what do you think and just practicing let mister elving it says dear angel after she's a analyzing i thought he could use atypewriter going level i know what is going to lookat presbyterian marked up system right here discriminatory what's going on in thenext move mad that the air complain that i think it isn't so muchresolutely since he was a wonderful

pretty good the only played a little bit more atsquash with the script thank goodness so maybe i can read my book and creeks trying to read this book for three weeks i haven't yet got far enough into a tofind out what it's all about what's the block forever amber

alone won't do it moves doesn'tbeautiful has seen some document and let mike here on not package like the way jewish hero i stopped that coming cleanup of the stuff up beck is very unkind there's no way to talk about your aunthattie she's been very nice do you have

no right to make fun of her she may be a little of in some ways but who isn't matter fact i'm very fond of your answerthem or i would be if you stop play next move i'm just going to do something aboutthis as a whole is good enough for the next morning read donor adding mark sorry tointerrupt that interview no need to

decides to while rules we held a while does is my favorite isn't yours does not my favorite you know it's funny hits at judge recently too medical incidents that's just one of thethings we can we have in common perhaps it's because we both love rosesso richards loves roses always agreed to those fancier he tellsme

he has a lot of cartons eleven nosesvery fine lines but his pride in jail like is and this is warranty and guess what wanted he's promised that i said that there isstill depends on a pc pretty heady roses the womb guju when you want something done much stuff you don't brington from through mark fuhrman through armchair rose fancier why the local he gets herein time he gets in your own

got us a little bit was given to us twoseconds if you're up on your nutrition you knowhow important that spread for bread is in your families dot so that your family off to a right starteach day by spreading fresh delicate parquet margarine on rolls are slices ofpiping hot breakfast als factory single dose of party and yourlunch box and which is to and treat the youngsters to satisfyingcracker in park a sexual may come home on the from school parquet margarine taste so good itsurely hit the spot with hungry

appetites and uh... speaking of goodnutrition remember the parquet margarine adds extra nourishment too our case is rich in full energy valueand every single fathers fortified by craft with nine thousand units ofvitamin a so please your whole family byeconomical parquet p_r_k_ a y parquet margarine made by craft yescraft makes parquet now let's go back to our friend gildasleeve in his problems hearing about how does infatuation with judge hooker maykeeper around and definitely he decides to take action accordingly we find amentoring judge bookers office where the

judges sitting at the best piled highwith books and papers come on horace greeley and get secondgimmick universes to sixteen industry for eighteen insecurity factory before you can drop you a legalbedside manner for one thing judge i'm not here for a consultation no well i'mpretty busy right now is a brief i gotta get ready before monday so you've justdone the best that i have a i've come to ask you a very important personalquestions right farai what are your intentionsregarding my sister-in-law

what that they can see you talking aboutalso that shoreline innocence let me tell you something you'll both be but at least seven priscilla fromegypt's can get this and make yourself comfortable thank you now i have reason to believe that youbeen tampering with the affections about a four star don't try to deduct theirhow do you know they have only seen ur three times she's frank rich plant thathas nothing to do it ever since the first time you saw her she's been movingaround the house label of six schoolgirl well i didn't know where you live inwomen if you've been making love to her

no innovate i don't think so what do you mean bythat well that is a woman inside our companyvery present if she finds the extracted can't help itattractive she never got a found two attractive itmust have gone on to your way to make an impressive what to do so erupts truth hahaha no they ain't over about the time youstole the clapper out of the chapel bella college right

i may have referred to the incidentalleges or about the time you saw hole-in-one of miniature golf coursedriving it every day and the time you know for kings against for jack's andone dollar twenty sets holed up now to do you can expect me to remember everydetail about our conversation we discussed a variety of subjectstalked about books we've read movies we've seen musically cauliflowerusing actual wild rules do measurements and they have had

it's one of my favorite car positions inthe modern st louis patty has been playing the don peaceever cents at at at at at and outside is something else that she's when she plays a she hears wedding bellsand smells orange blossoms i think that's guilty i give you my word i never saidabout anything along that line if you all he did have a way with limitedpronouns track martin let's be serious and serious is bring me back to myoriginal question what by your intentions

my intentions are honorable that uh... alright horse and you have to tell usall blacks is the only decent thing to do you go to have your say daddy i want tobe under any misapprehension i have no intention of marrying you or i can seethat you worked when i was in the truth that's neither here nor there nobody butthe board would say it that's ridiculous i'll say it affiliate and simply trifled with that you'd better forget all about youwouldn't get i'll tell ur bettors short

short break and lingering hardik then perhaps a changes see initially didyou set your mind and your sister lastly nothing slanders jags over the next time you see here tom of at there you are evening talk not you notice anythingdifferent about me nowak something many it's not anyway

the like of great effort and heady undivided fault you for a minute about something that quite importantdenies a fact not civility there saw judge earlier this afternoon yeah you see anything about me well yes as a matter of fact there

you were always talked about they say your years as opposed to turnthat i'd never noticed anything head that judge ito told me something here that is uh... i have a sort of a message for you inmind i love the game martin you've got me all curious well itwasn't exactly a message that it was a the judge has been a bachelor a longtime having i'm told the polling and i've noticed these last two days thatthe

but you seem to be thinking about thejudge quite a lot although i don't know what to me nonehad a would admit we have many things in common lacked some in the saint luke'sinterval interested in style as well roses and sell on her look at it if youthink he of judge hookers arose you should understand is definitely arambler program where despite a lady's man is the ladies man three years but he still about summer

pockmarked would you mind telling me oneof these are trying to say candy crowley that martes also been found at that's out there here you know i at the right here andhad a nice talking about something that they're well suppose run upstairs to suffer for goodness sake as well i had somekids of my own well i've got some around

not alone let alone leah there's no use being around the bush etc judge ordered is an old friend of mine daddy where women are concerned is no good sees a lot burial he's a casanova doc marten it doesn'tmatter to me what parts may have been in the past

i dare say he's known to many of women but if you think i'm going to condemntill i like something just because he's never happen to find the right personyou got another thing to happen you think horses in love with him ididn't say that although i may have reason to think so dividing up the wrong tree why do youmean believe me i've given a horse looks at uhe's only thinking of one thing critics

not martin i've got a lot of your mind for heavensakes alive another kind of unacknowledged things differently aboutme so it makes you think some my have my reason listen harry i've talked aboutthe judge mail i've got a little tough things you'd like to see if you're theletter of as you say happy he said this is the love ngo

i not be every colony every minute andevery sentence any signs of of live weight mark martin sunday hearts willhave the courage to say that to me face-to-face paddy is the letter typewritten through uh...i ladies and gentlemen all of this must remember to write tothe men who are doing are fighting force nothing means more to the servicemen letters from home

and short frequent letters are better than occasional long ones right about the little day-to-day things fresh and what use is the best time and remember to use the email when youwrite the email is an expensive even by the forms any where butterflies overseas for only threecents postage and most important of all

the emails saves precious cargo space that's needed to send the troops flew and admonition hi army and navy officials agree that mail from home is one of the most important factors inmaintaining morale certainly a slim enough force to do that night one woman with a raisin point which isnot a great one red race in part by a

two wonderful main dishes and bus thatone red point into boxes of craft therefore delicious macaroni and cheeseeach kraft dinner box contains two magic ingredients the work together give you aswell macaroni and cheese the cooks in just seven minutes as a special fastcooking macaroni and plenty of craft rated for richard cheese flavored if youhaven't tasted kraft dinner lately but a drive right away the macaroni and sofloppy life in the cheese flavor it's really rich cheddar cheese flavored aflavor so many of us are hankering for these dates thought this wonderfulmacaroni and cheese help you out with lent me with rationing now that's a goodtime and save your rating points

tomorrow spend just one reparation pointfor two boxes of kraft dinner it's one of your phone dealers bass by it this is the national broadcastingcompany craft precisely that kind of a slave at hafeez company matters of parquet marginon the complete line-up that was called in for products designs are out there isa great deal to sleep that brings the great guy was leader of the week at thistime but most are women sam or what music byplots lateness well aware of the regular sleeve in justa moment

one of those eleven time fools we liketo welcome back or hot cross bottoms and i a house with a compartment of theottoman solos that white criss-crossed icing trickles over the golden browncrust like to break the bonds open spread onplenty of delicious parquet mucho a home and there were taste good spread ofparquet yes barnes biscuits bread and rollbald-faced exter good when you spread on park a margin virus so fractal delicateso satisfied and remember park adds extra nourishmenthere let me spark is one of the finest up energy pollutants anna's fortified bycrafted also every problem contains nine

thousand units of vitamin a a sobai parquet the narration spread thetaste so good the iarc a lot of parquet margarine madeby crap yes craft makes parquet pad not let's join the guided listeningwho's been broadly a new man since his sister-in-law at happy let somerfield if i did not define his official chairsthe tiles water commissioner near the end of the best days work is donesometime outcome on bessie give me more letters dancer more complaints that havemore worlds to conquer began to think i don't think they are

bessie when i'm in the mood for workingbetter together and have it how what is selling like this to you which improvements at the time i can'treally want to see at the end of the day the war departmentalone or man a penny all give me a bills lots of bills in thethe starry skies above done anything you need to learn about amysterious about me busy and river talked apologist out of jailright in saying that i think that's a different kind of people the they definebessie i was really using a figure of speech

what i meant was i just got out of jailmyself i have a canary i just got like eight i have a goldfish nicely got abible when it got this job and a lot and backin a battle uh... and august a plant life he can't handle it well but in fact ifyou know any packed away was the we didn't find everday added arepretty hard to play the piano estimated hard to say in the house when i was trying to explain bessie isideal briefly today you know full of

energy vitality and beans k carol isn't that bad all of a sudden it'll be like workinganymore i feel i play kamon dressing let's play old with an awful idon't careless playanyway keeping ring around the rosy propagatedship musical chairs post office

a highlight the madeleine kunin thedeputy you've got spanked me that you're doing it that's it that whatever it is i've got a lot ofwork today and i'm not going to anymore come on bessie let states although make our own music all bulimiamusic give me a new technique the starry skies above local come dance with meeven if you have any deviation from apple pie little you're didn't you did well well that is my favorite niece

the prettiest or in some of you youdon't want to be optimistic yet i'm like a loveseat hija strapping on the national right onmy mind but i can't wait your dizzy by a curious coincidence my dad justdecided not to do another spoken word today well i've been doing a little shop i thought maybe i wouldn't have to carryellie package isn't quite right right you have to it unit uh... that some people you my dear

makes you look grown up adjoint without that you want to goplaces i hope some darn well i would think sotoo them waiting for it and don't you absolutely disgusted also started a lot with twelve i'll tell you what we'll do more to youand i have a lot paint the town tonight what do you say opt

plus any day you think you like this step up withyour old uncle how you're not old i've got a middle-aged woman i think youare fascinating never mind the middle-aged women what do you think i think it's beenstanding desk today are admitted will make will be denied we've got a rather lightly spot without after that we rush around and wake upwith you the deadlines milega nyit

to eleven thirty haha where does all this traffic come fromeverybody's carrying on the denied his rahul art what do you see it you coming over here knowledge that a back up here in thecrosswalk the light at the cds light so suddenly standing behind me and laura it alright that's all i wasback and let alone a dry brother present popularity

naturally cable charlie who where do that margin and at the head with acouple ready to and don't see any short for me becausethe whole into his on salary with yours they partall i a tester is it mom bitter lesson remember the windreally don't have going back when he last time i saw her why didn't realize and wait so long uh... karen sonu

bath houses seem to get back to the oldhometown paintball greek and humble two weeks publicity around last time i really i well comes youstarted out as the father but by the way my body you know that i no body ready sitting on my mind and mart you hadn'tgotten you have a date with your old uncle i hope minus one commissioned by and c they nice place to have a nice boy u_c_l_a_medical

yeah he was a scene played outside atthe much more than ninety needed so many different three years will you meetvocal highlighted missing dispelling this partone by the on the local it's easy if miss clark what and new year uh... them on friday and i think youreally don't over the door monitoring type of thing i think you can imagineunderstood what happened topping the we don't

has and i will not be the right there you're sure it won't be on the way thatnonsense and on my way free anytime hydeia theythink italy hadn't seen each other in a long time he'd we ought to do somethingabout that i've been busy school another redcrossdot i'll have been busy too ever to visit is a little eloy the won't watch it board he went right through that when i wastoo late to stop

michel mcqueen dr i've told him i do too young to drivewas kalyana be driving now for the there they had never had an accident that wasmy fault status like months of pipeline new dotcom leon two all the way by george it's out of poor people a day you saw young charlie patted on the waysthat all really i knew it was in town i am i had been seeing a good deal ofhis motherland think o yes the woman's

protestant helping in the red crossdrive-in she's president across the president of the women's club you might think she was president of thered cross to analyst on a little bit about myself difficult but then the robinson well here it is not not not told that and so on since i did i was on fire

lividity was a very well here we are andyou must be anxious to get home at all in russia off what about that well but i was saying before we've neverseen it see each other anymore unreasonably to see if not more than it's just that uh... about tonight well i'm not sure that out forgot to evacuate marjorie they didn't have a a visited that right

about tonight honest if not more than i am so busywith the red cross on having a tunnel of course if i have a little help you wouldn't like to do things with yousure what you're probably how clear it up to five minutes welleasy just opiates and the red cross drive but he's in chicago and he hasmany able to get resignations and so is a more so they've asked me to let nowpart of the returns are and i've been having a perfectly awful timeparticularly with the wind to begin with this mrs put a bone in hercar final

but you want me to do about it if you could take over the chairmanshipalways mum done she what do you still thatsentence then you handle these things so easily maxim do you have a wonderful way with womennot money didn't now appeal ransom for instantly lookwhat's he up to well leyland aren't very good chance that she is being a littledifficult you just leave we live in me

i thought if you could speak to her andstarted to straighten out the worry i mean if you could just reason weatherand uh... you know the way and other waythat it has nothing to do the reason not not not mrs thatcher on the finalyou make a wonderful too and you just what's that all the monogram city hallthe lobby all these women need is a little headway uh... just the man who can do it both martin let me uh... we left meaning

something smells wonderful stan an l recipe in my grandmother beach inhere and i hope you'll forgive my absence ofa spray got couples i'd ask you stated that you know icouldn't know where he's got a better way i guess what i ask you something lealanmoles let's decide here about trouble between u_n_ people with the red crosstravel cover you must be mistaken stockman even are the best of friends olivia deotro how well it may not think she's

being a little bakshi that the wholething you think she was writing whose mission that's not the poem youthis indeed anyway establishes platinum i think they have to tell me has said tomy mind and matches are not the red cross and onto a stock market i thinkit's wonderful what they're doing for the soldiers but i've said to him muchthat's not my rash or simply happy refused to have anything madhuwanti dotas long as that mormon is connected with leader of the snow out of two callanytime you once again friends and then if you don't agree that myattitude is definitely justified

i'll never speak to me again let alone what as you know what impractical sheedy hauptmann brothers let issues one of thewind is immense doppler red cross the small and the idea was to have one ofthe ladies dressed up in a red cross in apartments at melinda rowlett and itseems that idea layout college tuition to set in thewinter that was distinctly understood byjessica before he left the room in fact he tell me he tells me because the redcross in a farmer shop clinton with it's

becoming too many women that's a matter of the pain dude anyway hours to set in the window my head my hand and special ineverything how went down to help about thisyesterday mom in at nine o'clock and what do you think that was missus clinton wins sitting inmy place land mines on commonweal in mumbai canteens why do you think about

let's say and maybe missus betty bone is a betterbandits roller this is ted abolish the bathrooms besides it is his if i wanted to set nowindow i might add that ideology nobody would listen to him i wanted to raise money with the caseinvolves sunburned sounds interesting tell me more never had a vacation

uh... but that sally alex raise money tohandle just have a business with a pretty good and inside you dot sounds cool proved to me thing i'd be willing to put a little moneyliving like that the japanese kash i remember one time an inch of landhowever an indication do for the battery helmut and sounds quite important that camerunning he was standing up with me at the termination and it was registeringand do you know eighty i stepped out of the bible polly nui

negativity one had to go to bed until then but the bottom leone got its table too happy you know what you're up againstthat i like this week people probably been kissing his littleundignified for the red cross for goodness sakes not think it would bebetter sent from harm but whose gonna get and it's great iwatching that pledge images pentagon set in holland when dan fumble with bandagesgnarly buffet this is for a patriotic breakfast

says hi get some justice patriotic isany body if yall implying that i'm not implying anything rely just don't seehow kisses ago in the war all cellulose that siding with anybody and i'm justasking you to be reasonable hattori symbol can say that we know thati've been established chairman of the what mr chairman basketball is connectedwith but stock market started reading godcasting however he did disabled there was a gal in just a fewseconds

now message from craft to the millionsof american families of billions are parquet margarine as a delicious spreadprogress when intelsat sometimes difficult thesedays to get park a margin of their favorite food store and the simple explanation is that it'squality margarines on-demand than ever before that's especially true spreadslike parquet the choice of millions because of its client flavor it's longestablished reputation or consistently find quality crafter schorr's hewlett everythingpossible is being done to keep dealers

supply all available park in margarine isdistributed fairly and equitably sold you can't get park in the firsttime try again what joe chances are you're dealers sold avenue supply onhand always look for always ask for deliciousnourishing parquet the iarc a eight y parquet margarinemade by crap oscar parker summerfield on the great goto sleep his second as chairman of the red crossfundraising drive is only half over but builders leaves houses already buzzingwith activity to penalty only get any

more chairs in the living room british this against the wind that emoting old will they be leroy to bringdown at rocking chair from the attic my father's gone with the guilt free he stand out here at the track with thatuh... exceeded let's see some of the city here's chairman hasroom for three on the sofa one here two year to year for diningroom chairs aswell status there was a support the elevator i'm so sorry to sayon that

catholic catholic celebrate background side really right now who's got corey decimated italo had a lot of it you right back to top

and i think it was now you can sit and wait i don't think she believe me i don'tcare but the devils at the back door carmichael opposed as i can tell you themost upset them at the back door down to atlanta back to allow my gut israelisassassination sally automatic deposits away furloughed i don't get that there might havereceived a lot of years yes this was a ghostly

all to mrs read about love talking to my daughter views well here's alone is that it is yes indeed we are giving it a having ameeting tonight at my house two-ninety lakeside mistake the southwest around eight o'clock it's at times thatgrades

decline uses that word now alone by the nervous you have to sit onthe floor you committed and him sentiment and realization and just giveme a little peace and quiet pediatric soon the salad sandwich convince them to me and something to manager concentratingwell a hat last night i got myself mixed up withsomething new

this is the worst yet peavey the woman'scommittee having a meeting at my house tonight at every chair i don't step in the park the women hangs in the chandeliers management unit and listened to hergeneration alone uh... committee bloomington germansocial welfare physically leave around to reading fromthe minute maybe take turns meetings each other's houses me work after that the crickets as manyrestrictions

it bt the reading club must be fairly peaceful denman last year and a reading a tree grows inbrooklyn in the region produced around town tonight gaining intended and somesenators to liven some said it wasn't comment to make the atlantic monthlyveronica de kooning even that's nothing p_b_s_ nothing by acommittee and his euthanasia though

a committee of far worse than any club to possibly dvd were you ever on a committee of themuslim and sam until i get which again is there some of thosecustomers well stop thinking about it expects to be thewomen who feeds you not lynching this will be the

mark my words we'll have to fight thembefore we're through namely community this endeavor wasawarded be neutral in whom he met recipt this committee is for the red cross anda woman want to kill each other over who gets credit for about a dollar donationfrom first national bank divinity is silly is that lantern committee was amendments everyone's feeling again and i made a ninety one nine three twohours about whether we should think that

was kinda rather line red is the onlycolor for all those quiet community into the grand old don't be silly p_d_ allfire engines the rift fact remains you can see a white rose kind and you can'thear anyone alright fate of light ideology why he was like a woman and youare using a new one but transmitted entertainer salmon best customers able inside fifty two clinton finishes and met you know little memphis michigan dot com find acommittee looking grill peace and quiet

you get a subset i can't eat prevention pays for ladies ladies believes thatagar chairman if i may make a suggestion we're avocation created missus bethune optimalits best casket his hat god ready to go out there uh... been with us a long time plane

well it is is a pleasure i didn't knowwhat you still be in session we're not uh... welcome home judge thank you getwhere he got here just in time ladies it gives me the greatest pleasureto for this meeting over to our rightful chairman judge hooker but don't let me just addanything you like yes ideas frequency over time since after all you know thechallenge exactly acting in your absence became that next which i think scared out of the meeting chali

c yeah growth well well or what hello yeah uh... desert more interruptions here pentagon back response tho

budget dominique t we have to cancel nine max and at yahoodriving we hope nagano don't get out alone let out a time at your site andthat i had to prepare at university now acted yet dot let me let me that's alright thejudge is already interrupted at shall we proceed ladies first uh... yes mrs read sets officiate icashed eat

out clammy out well character rents in the dead catholic inmates to represent the backup that helped youdon't mind missus kennedy but i'm not tended to get yet how bout that jet which of these ladies did you choosewill be on it hanging on i'm reminded of an old story about thesonic

regulated hostages starring hillaryclinton but yeah i think it's a incumbents video candidate it is i'd find myself indeed predicamentof pat so that he was called judge who aristotelian at the b litigation tournament eileenmartin the judgment of sound injury i'd sure like to see you both sitting inorgans when

and we didn't get enough about that misstated something enough about now ladies please note that in just athought that we're all waiting for the red crosswho you know mistake and that uh... the chair recognizes mister philibosianmight be permitted to change the subject radio should not get mister quinn just by thepublic schools topic red cross connection and a m

i don't see that it makes muchdifference actually we want to make it virtuallyliving raised and then the children butcollecting them others people at the moment stop could reach that's not trueman of the money to get all the credit eat hahahaha case please his address grads lending ahand here ass receptor laughing you're both

these hand wants to speak aniket diversion it is action like to suggest that the otherhand i guess chicken right intranet that at all should say it said it side

saji spring developments anyway aggregate might be nice iftraveling with a few words helping and i hope have jobs theysomething today that and sally uh... tell us a mere experience cash i don't know anything that's right and tell us what it's like over there i remember the last quarter

but didn't get across myself but i'venever that arriving at one time he was facinga temp up one morning the ceo light is all i had a strategy is going to tell us about hisexperience they uh... benefit uh... about sally about those that bridge vehicles over there you have thatwas madness in parlay blueprints a luigi s

thank you their contract tell us all about it i'll tell you about it over where i was there were many frenchtroops when a girls of any kind except the armynurses and the girls from the red cross i'd like to say this maybe i shouldn'tbut come back here and see what's going on ai'm around holman i've heard here tonight

well i've seen with the red cross doesat the front i hate to think it gets that kind of kicking around at home if you're talking about win-win mandolin talking about i'm talking about you and everybody hope you won't get mad let me ask you something you think the red cross workers with thearmy you've got time to worry about who gets the credit there who wears auniform

you've got a job to do when they get itdone your complain because the school kidsgot collected a bill before you and your committee got more than i say good for them because i know the kind of support thered cross is giving us in the army i think the red cross a at the same kindof support here in some of you lot of people fighting among themselvesand thinking what's in it for them this is a kind of things going on a so icame home

no one else has anything to say uh... user secular at first i want to say this there's going to be another meeting ofhis committee of my office at eight thirty tomorrow morning any eight thirty and a lady who starts a nonsense ulpanso right now knows well pulses was just a little table let's remember

the big thing is for the red cross tokeep going they do so many vitally important thingsrun in that can be done by anyone else that help the wounded prisoners of wartheir organization of blood banks all these services must contain so when yourneighbors come around and ask you for a contribution remember to be generous denied processes

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