badezimmer anstrich ideen

badezimmer anstrich ideen

the layout of the miniatur wunderland is growing constantly. that's why alterations become necessary over the years. because of our expansion into the second floor, the children's play corner will be moved and the new and larger lavatory area will take its old place. bobby received the task to create imaginative dioramas for the walls. some may be familiar with these from the old lavatory area. 14 small display cases were created, with a passion for detail and some crazy ideas. there's a bank robbery

- accompanied by little helpers - there are alien-, children- or animal worlds, even a mirror maze, a fashion show or wild parties. bobby never runs out of ideas. one of the many highlights is this so-called "dinorama".

the starting point for all these artworks is a wooden frame. let's join the professional interior designer while he creates a number of miniature bathrooms with many scenes in such a small frame. in every bathroom there's something else happening. i pretty much know what it is, but that certain spark is still missing. that comes while i'm working on it. these little tiled spaces are used for room arrangement as well as for the floors and were bought in a hobby shop.

they can be trimmed easily. unlike in reality, these tiled walls are painted. here is my paint tray, there's paint in it. here's my paint roller, there are larger versions for home use. bobby explains that this task must be done carefully: you have to paint very carefully, so that the gaps between the tiles remain white and only the tiles are painted. the paint roller is first rolled on paper or cardboard, to make sure only a little paint is applied.

this way no paint runs into the tile gaps. various decorative strips are designed after the painting of the surface area. they supply a bit more detail. now washing basins, bathtubs and other sanitary equipment are chosen and installed. toilets are painted, bathtubs receive a tiny pedestal or shower stalls are made out of matted plexiglass. here in the middle we'll have the bathroom fittings: the shower, the water taps.

for this, bobby uses his very own jewelry collection. he turns synthetic profile and a sequin into what? the cameraman marvels. hocus-pocus: a sequin turns into a shower head. he is not short on creative ideas. a horn from a truck serves as a shower fitting. to create a water tap he uses the exterior mirror of a motor scooter and a megaphone. to make these fittings look more realistic,

they are sprayed with silver or bronze paint. step by step many details emerge, all of them hand-made. shelves with towels and felt bath rugs, synthetic doors and corrugated sheet metal radiators. additional details: this lounger, bathrobes, a flower vase and of course many tiny figurines are part of this artwork. this man is shaving, it's early in the morning, he's hungover. commercial break

you want to help me with the bathroom? yes? ella gets a klecksie every morning, then she's always so happy. ok, that was the commercial break. let's continue. the blue we see here are remains of the blue lounger that were cut off. because they are so small, i can use them as make-up jar or antipasti creme. bobby collects many odds and ends over time,

that he'll use sometime in modelmaking. with a little paint, champagne glasses and bottles turn into perfume bottles or into other cosmetic products to decorate this shelf. and so the first bathroom is complete except for the lighting. the production of the second room procedes in a similar fashion. those who look closely will always discover something new in bobby's work. only after the second or third glance one discovers all the little details that i've done.

but that's what's so interesting, one shouldn't see everything at first glance. towel rails, bath tissue holders or wall decoration, just like in a real bathroom, every room has all that's necessary. imagination knows no boundaries. now we'll implement a diving tower in this unusual bathroom. after dozens of hours of detail work, the diorama is decorated and ready for lighting. ralf - one of our electronics engeneers - takes over from here. in the area behind the masseur i'll hide a led,

that illuminates this part. then up here we have a small lamp under the ceiling. the lamps made by bobby are equipped with several leds. our visitors will need a little patience until the new sanitary area is open to see the complete diorama.

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